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Ryan Smith
Attorney / Founder

National Headquarters:
Portland, Oregon

Franchise Attorney
Business Attorney
Trademark Attorney


Resolve a Dispute

Peak Law Group helps business and franchise clients resolve disputes primarily through negotiation or mediation (settlement negotiations with the assistance of an unbiased mediator). Our focus is on pragmatic problem solving as opposed to selfish bullying. We have successfully negotiated fair resolutions to numerous disputes on behalf of our clients without litigation. Those disputes have ranged from representing franchisors in disputes with renegade franchisees; representing franchisees in franchise purchase or exit negotiations; and various other business and contract disputes.


Contact the business attorney – franchise attorney at Peak Law Group now for more information about resolving your franchise, business or contract dispute! 

Anyone who is considering buying, selling or operating a franchise or small business would be smart to call Ryan first. His extensive knowledge and experience in these areas can help you avoid potential pitfalls and contribute to your success. I highly recommend Ryan.
Prospective Business Buyer

Ryan is a dedicated, industrious, talented franchise lawyer. He is responsive, meeting or exceeding our every expectation. He is THE best!
CEO, Multi-Unit Pizza Franchisor (with locations in the U.S. and abroad)